Beyond 7 Figures: Build, Scale, Profit

Eric Schechter, Co-Founder of GiddyUp, on Scaling to $55.2M in 6 Years

November 15, 2019

Ep #16 - Eric Schechter, the co-founder and marketing directory of GiddyUp, joins me on the podcast this week to discuss his journey form social media manager at Carnival Cruises ending in 2012 to scaling an 8-figure business.

Eric's company, GiddyUp, is the exclusive Performance Sales Channel that profitably scales customer acquisition for the world's most innovative brands. Since starting the company in 2013, Eric and his team have scaled it to $55.2M and recently had the company ranked by Inc. Magazine as the 33rd Fastest Growing Marketing Company of 2018 and ranked as the #304 fastest growing company overall.

GiddyUp has now launched over 100 direct-to-consumer brands, acquired millions of customers and has profitably driven over $300M in total sales for clients - on 100% commission only.

Eric oversees the global brand strategy while also leading the Marketing, Creative and Media Buying teams. Listen in to a great interview where we dive into the story of GiddyUp along with the key strategies and tactics that allowed Eric to scale his company with such speed.

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