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Kyle Goguen on Going From Startup to $8.8M with a Pet Business

October 4, 2019

Ep #10 - My guest today is Kyle Goguen, the founder and CEO of which has been ranked as the 20th fastest growing company in Los Angeles and the 45th fastest growing company in California. In fact, Kyle's three year company growth record is a whopping 1677%. 

Kyle's entrepreneurial journey started young as he founded his first eBay store at 16 years old after local restaurants had refused to hire him. eBay became Kyle's marketplace of choice for the next two years where he sold a wide array of products. Because he was so young, Kyle had to do business under his dad's name since he was underage for a PayPal account.

At the age of 18, he attended USC for college and majored in Industrial & Systems Engineering with an emphasis in Information Systems & Operations Management. When tuition costs ate into his savings, he chose not to go back to eBay, but rather scooped up several part time jobs including a campus video technician and College Ambassador positions for brands like PlayStation, Monster Energy Drinks, and Ubisoft. He continued through his bachelors degree and eventually his Master's as well which was in Engineering Management.

Despite earning a Master's in engineering and having a safe job landscape in front of him, he made the "illogical" decision to avoid an engineering career and returned to eCommerce with the launch of

With Pawstruck, the idea was to source premium ingredients which would provide dog owners the healthiest and most affordable dog products on the web. This idea has taken off and has become one of the most trusted online pet stores.

In today's interview, we will dive into Kyle's journey with Pawstruck, his challenges in scaling the company, and explore details of how he successfully took this business from startup to $8.8M. Kyle has lots of amazing insights and wisdom to share so enjoy the interview.

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