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Michael Dash on His Journey from Addict to 7-Figure Entrepreneur…

October 11, 2019

Ep #11 - Michael Dash joins me on the show this week to share about his journey from addict to 7-figure entrepreneur and the tactics and strategies he learned along the way. I first met Michael through the Young Entrepreneurs Council which only admits 7-figure business owners. In our interview today, we will discuss his philosophy for scaling a business and we will get into his story and new book, "Chasing the High."

Having dealt with addiction throughout his life and having sold his business after 11 years, Michael is now committed to supporting other entrepreneurs and business leaders to deal with addiction and addictive behaviors, especially when these behaviors are impacting an ability to lead a business and injuring personal relationships. This is why Michael wrote his new book, "Chasing the High," which unpacks his personal journey through addiction, entrepreneurship, legal battles, and how he discovered FLOW.

Michael has recently created a platform called F.A.T.E. (From Addict To Entrepreneur) which is designed to help others in the entrepreneurship and business community to overcome their addictive behaviors and to be able to fulfill their potential as leaders in their organizations.

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